Dark Toenails

- Causes and Treatment Options for Dark Toenails -

A dark toenail, or worse, several thick, dark toenails, can be a rather unsightly and often painful problem to deal with especially if left untreated. But fortunately, there are a few effective approaches that, coupled with some patience and persistence bring about real, tangible results. Understanding the causes of dark toenails and your treatment options will certainly help you to overcome this unsightly condition.

Primary Causes of Dark Toenails

A dark toe nail may be caused by several different culprits but the most common of all are a group of fungi known as dermatophytes. Previous fungal infections, a compromised immune system, trauma to the foot or toes, poor hygiene, and even peripheral artery disease or bad circulation may be other causes of a dark toenail or thick, dark toenails. Also, while some people develop a dark toenail as the result of yeast or mold infections, fungi are most usually responsible for symptoms such as a dark discoloration of the toenails.

A dark toenail often indicates that the fungal infection is in its mid to latter stages, making it inherently more difficult to treat. The fungus that causes dark toenails tends to lurk in dark, moist environments, like inside your shoes where conditions are perfect for fungi to thrive. These microscopic organisms are also found in places such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, and showers.

Treatment for Thick, Dark Toenails

In your quest for solving the problem of a dark toenail you definitely will not find a shortage of remedies for treating nail fungus. However, the efficacy of each of these “solutions” is another issue entirely. Dark toenail fungus can undoubtedly be difficult to treat and there are a bevy of over-the-counter antifungal creams, ointments, and solutions to consider. The bad news is that most aren’t very effective and can take months to even show any results, provided you take steps to avoid recurrent infections, of course.

There are also prescription medications for treating a dark toenail and the fungus that causes it. But, these drugs often cause a host of unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects that range from the irritating skin rash to the ultimately fatal liver disease.

Anecdotal reports of soaking the feet in vinegar or beer and even slathering the toes with Vicks VapoRub abound for treating toenail fungus. While all three of these remedies have been shown in some studies to inhibit the growth of certain types of bacteria, there is no direct scientific evidence of any of them being totally effective for eradicating dark toenails. Naturally, keeping the feet clean and dry will help to keep toenail fungus at bay in addition to keeping the nails neatly trimmed, but not cut too short which will increase the risks of infection.

Overall, keep in mind that early diagnosis and treatment are your two best forms of defense when it comes to safeguarding yourself from getting a dark toenail and being affected by stubborn toenail fungus. Learning as much as possible about treatments, as well as how to prevent recurring bouts of dark toenail fungus, will allow you to make the absolute best choice when it comes to selecting the most effective treatment options.

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